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Learning Becomes Easier Welcome to our learning platform this site was created for educators and students from Pre-k to Phd. Experience our digital learning revolution! Sign up and download our app.

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In order to bridge the gap between the educator and students, we created this awesome learning app. This is where interaction between educators and their students are fostered even after school hours. This experience is in realtime or can be downloaded with the touch of your fingertips. ..

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Your learning progress will definitely be given priority with our interactive videos as well as the online Yestech chat. Be empowered and join our digital learning revolution.

Communicate With People

Wherever you are you can always share, download and learn from other educators with their videos. You can invite educators to share their lectures and incorporate it in your class with the permision of the educator and a link to the video. Students interested in a particular class can request for admittance provided that the educator will approve. ..

A healthy dialogue between students will be the highlight of this feature. Students can share ideas with one another through the comment section. Through students andeducator interactions a new dimension of learning is fostered. This is where social learning happens. ..

About Us

We are ready to bring you to another dimension in learning and teaching

Mission theyestech.com is a company built on the foundation of revolutionizing digital technology services in different platforms. We are optimistic that this company will help people maximize their capabilities and improve their quality of life and way of learning upon using our services. The company's thrust is mainly on bridging the gap created by technology by creating techno friendly and easy to use applications, programs, and websites. With a viable and dedicated team and a leader that will take them to new heights theyestech.com is bound to serve the City, Region, and Country with tremendous commitment and vigor. Our values are anchored on Integrity, Accountability, and Responsibility in serving our customers, stakeholders, and investors. Join us Revolutionize Digital Technology! ..

Vision Yestech is the brainchild of its founder Ms.Reyes. As an Educator, she has devoted over 20 years of her life serving students through development of quality education. Yestech was created in order to assist Educators in bridging the learning gap that technology has created. With the availability of the service, students will definitely find interest in this interactive learning platform and will capture their attention. This tool was created in order to reach learners even in the most far flung area (hinterlands). With yestech, students are given the opportunity to create and innovative, Since the application is available even for offline work. Videos and interactive participation is encouraged making learning a partnership between teacher and students. In todays digital age, leaders of education have to embrace change and make sure they are available in aiding their students with new technology and learning. With "theyestech" engaging students to take a proactive approach towards learning has never been easier. Try our service for free and your students will feel the empowerment of making learning a lifelong engagement and experience. Students progress are monitored and videos are available for student engagement, Assessment and participation in various lessons through video uploads will make learning fruitful and truly a fun experience. Creativity among educators and students in uploading videos will be challenged as well. Embark our fun digital learning adventure with the yestech.com. ..

500 + Students Enrolled

700 + Online Instructors

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Our Educators

Equipped with knowledge and skills that will compliment towards self fulfillment and growth

  • Alexie Reyes
  • Phd
  • Fred Dellava
  • Phd
  • Princess Markines
  • Phd
  • Diana Rose
  • Major in English & Science
  • Diana Rose
  • Major in English & Science
  • Diana Rose
  • Major in English & Science

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Always be on top of what is happening outside the four walls of your classroom

Our Students

With the easy access of what technology has to offer, students with the yestech.com. will definitely benefit from its offerings. Learning through social media is a transformative and empowering avenue and motivation for the learners. Students are able to voice out and share their knowledge and creativity by participating in lessons, chats, and even through the latest newsfeed. With the blog, students are in charge of their growth & learning.

Our Educators

The easiest way to bridge the gap between educators and students is through this blog. With all the wonderful features and offerings of theyestech.com, your work as an educator will be fulfilling and fun. Through this web and mobile app, educators can showcase their knowledge, skills, and abilities with other fellow educators. This learning platform was designed with the educator in mind! 

Our Application

Will definitely contribute towards students creativity in answering and communicating with educators

What's great about the app is that learning and communication is accessible to both educator and student, you can be on top of school work anytime anywhere!

The newsfeed is definitely a fun and engaging feature of our app. Every student has the opportunity to share their ideas and feedback. Interaction and social learning happens

The chat feature of student and educator is indeed a unique offering. This will help students and educators discuss points of clarifications and address queries.

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