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IESA Award - Bangkok

Our Founder was awarded as the Most Outstanding Department Head and Coordinator in the Region, out of 8000 entries only 150 were chosen from 50 countries in the International Education Summit in Bangkok, Thailand last February 2020. Congratulations for representing the Philippines!

Radio Interview

Our start up founder was interviewed by Radyo Bombo for her Innovation and for introducing a revolutionary platform that will benefit the students of the 21st century.

Techtonic Festival was sponsored by CDO Bites to exhibit at the Techtonic Festival. Various schools and different start-ups were showcased. There was a pitching competition as well . The Founder was able to meet CEO’s and people like her , driven and inspired! Through the Festival the founder met with interested schools and Principals. It was indeed a good exposure for our e-learning platform.

Benchmarking Session at Amihan

Our founder had the opportunity to meet the founder of Amihan , Mr. Winston Damarillo he is a venture capitalist and is very successful with this work. He is looking for the first Unicorn in the Philippines. Every start-up wants to be this , he talked about , KUMU and how it is being funded by the Gokongwei group for 500 million pesos. It is indeed exciting . Secretary Guevarra joined our meeting and ate with our founder . After the session, Secretary Guevarra gave a message telling the founders not to quit or sell –out early. Also , yestech had the priviledge to share their pitchdeck to Secretary Guevarra for her to present at Silicon Valley.

Benchmarking Session at QBO

Our founder had the chance to visit Manila together with the other CDO BITES incubates. The benchmarking session started at QBO . QBO helps start-ups succeed , one of their mentors Natasha Bautista used to work for Grab and was responsible for making it where it is now!

Yestech in Valencia City

Through the kindness of D.O.S.T and CDO B.I.T.E.S , was able to join the exhibit held at Robinson’s place Valencia . Interested students and educators listened to our Founder share her experience and the good news about our learning platform. The innovation lounge was the venue for the presentation , in which students and other interested people came to listen. It was indeed a successful exhibit .

Puntod National Highschool

Teachers from Puntod National High School were presented with our platform . The teachers were excited to participate and do the hands on work in their computer lab. This is indeed exciting for them as they have been using another platform which they think is comparable with our work . In fact is more user-friendly they say. Thank you Puntod National HighSchool!

Yestech in Gingoog City

Education knows no boundaries ! In order to help schools become connected with technology . Our founder together with her team of 2 PhD students and 1 developer visited Gingoog City . The principal of Odiongan Elementary School Mr. Nicomar Butalid together with 40 instructors were given a Workshop in effectively using the learning platform provided by It was a fun and wonderful experience for the Teachers as they embrace technology and change.

Philippine Start – Up Week

The event was held at the Crowne Plaza , startups from different parts of the Philippines were showcased . This time , founder attended talks given by successful founders. Angeline Tahm, the founder of Angkas was there to talk about her struggles and her inpiration for starting the service.