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Learning Becomes Easier!

We simplify the learning process by delivering the complete virtual campus.
Schools, Educators, Students, and Parents are connected through our platform
making communication and learning seamless. Get ready for the ultimate learning solution!

Learn Online

In order to bridge the gap between the educator and students, we created this awesome learning app. This is where interaction between educators and their students are fostered even after school hours.

Talk to Our Experts

Your learning progress will definitely be given priority with our interactive videos as well as the online Yestech chat. Be empowered and join our digital learning revolution.

Communicate With People

Wherever you are you can always share, download and learn from other educators with their videos. You can invite educators to share their lectures and incorporate it in your class with the permission of the educator and a link to the video.

Share Your Ideas

A healthy dialogue between students will be the highlight of this feature. Students can share ideas with one another through the comment section. Through students and educator interactions a new dimension of learning is fostered.

What we Offer

theyestech.com is your complete digital learning experience

Freemium Account

This account was created to help deliver E-learning to Educators and Students that need a Learning Platform. This service is to strengthen our corporate social responsibility and target the SDG goals of the United Nations in providing SDG 4 - Quality Education, SDG 8-Decent Work and Economic Growth and SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals. With this Free platform we are able to Democratize Education and further enhance 21st Century Skills.

Premium Account

This service includes an Administrator Account, Educators Account, Student Account, Assignments. Private Schools and Training Centers will definitely be offering their students the best E- learning experience inside and outside the four walls of the classroom. Click Here

Yestech Course + Video Lab

The Yestech course features Educators that have been awarded in the national level and international level for their expertise .The videolab is open to all Educators that want to help and make money as well.

Offline Device

The Innovation was published in Russia and was featured in China. It is able to store data as well as make the learning experience accessible to those that do not have internet.

Our Educators

Equipped with knowledge and skills that will compliment towards self fulfillment and growth

Alexie Reyes

Phd in Education

Fred Dellava

Phd in Education

Princess Markines

Phd in Education

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In our focus group discussion 9/10 rated theyestech.com as an effective learning platform.

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